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13 Emotions You’ll Inevitably Feel When Your Friend Gets a Grad Job

So your bezzie is entering the world of employment. You know you should be pleased for them but it isn’t always so easy…

1. Denial.

Good for them. No, seriously. This is really great news and it totally does not matter that you’re yet to even get an interview.


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2. Pity

Sure they’re going to have money and all but if you had to choose between dollar and netflix you know what you’d go for. That is, if you had the choice…

pity social life

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3. Jealousy.

It isn’t really fair though. How come they’ve managed to get such a great job while you’re stuck at home? Obviously they’re great and all but are they that much better than you?


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4. Self-doubt.

What if there’s something inherently unemployable about you? Do you not have enough hobbies? Did you pick the wrong degree? Do you have a limp handshake and flat hair?

not good enough

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5. Panic.

About your complete lack of prospects. And your impending homelessness. What if no one ever hires you? What if you’re destined to a life completing online quizzes and watching Loose Women?


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6. Regret.

You think back over all those times you procrastinated instead of applying for grad schemes. You could have done more to stop this.


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7. Despair.

It’s too late now though. You decide you are a talentless disaster. And now your friend is leaving you for the real world. Your life may well be over.


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8. Guilt.

To top it all off you can’t even be happy for your buddy. You feel like a truly terrible human being. A terrible, jobless human being.


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9. Acceptance.

It’s fine. Your friend is happy so you should be happy. You just have to keep doing you.


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10. Respect.

After all, they did work pretty hard for this. You of all people know that finding a job is no mean feat.


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11. Pride.

Look at your bff,  growing up and moving on with their life.


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12. Relief.

In all honesty though, you’re not actually ready for a job yet. For a start, you haven’t even finished series 4 of Game of Thrones.


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13. Excitement.

But right now, it’s time to make the most of your friend’s last few hours of freedom. And who knows, it could be you next.


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