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8 Types of Modern Languages Students You Find at University

As a languages student, you know that no-where and no-one in the world is quite the same. Having said that, it’s still pretty likely you’ll bump into one of these people in class:

1. The know it all.

The first to answer any question, this student has even heard of that obscure Paraguayan multimedia political artist who happens to be your lecturer’s favourite. Whilst they can be annoying, at least you can always rely on them to break the multiple awkward silences in Friday afternoon’s class.

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2. The grammar fiend.

For the majority, learning grammar is the downside to speaking another language but for this student, the subjunctive is the very reason they exist. Each to their own, but surely there are only so many conversations to be had about past anterior conjugations?

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3. The fit guy.

On a course largely dominated by female students, the single attractive male will always draw attention. Rumours quickly abound that he modelled for Versace during his year abroad.

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4. The one with that accent.

The student who speaks French with an Essex accent or Spanish with an Irish brogue. They’re probably making a really valid point, if only you could understand it…

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5. The native speaker.

The cause of countless grumblings, for some reason this student is studying the language they’ve spoken their whole life. But who can blame them, we’ve all considered transferring to Germany to study English at some point. Instead, blame your parents for not bringing you up bilingual.

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6. The Year Abroad Yapper.

Probably went to South America or Mexico and found themselves. It’s great they had such an amazing year, but sometimes you wish they’d stop banging on about it for a second.

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7. The code-switching keen bean.

This guy always greets you with a cheery “salut” or “ciao”, even when you’re nowhere near campus. Around exam time, these students seem to multiply as everyone makes a last-ditch attempt to become fluent.

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8. The silent one.

To be honest, it’s a bit of a mystery how this guy made it onto your course. Presumably they have to speak during exams but you’ve never once heard them make as much as a squeak. The worst person to be partnered with in oral classes EVER but they somehow end up getting a first. One thing’s for sure, their grammar must be ace.

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