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10 New Year’s Resolutions All Reading Students Should Have Made For 2016

Term is nearly starting again, and if you haven’t set any new year’s resolutions yet, maybe this list will inspire you.

1. To actually only have one drink at Park Bar when you say you’re going to “only have one drink”


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2. And to definitely not end up in the union after.


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3. Join sportspark and get fit.

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4. To actually attend your 9am lectures.


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5. Meaning you may have to start going out less.

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6. To get up early so you can get a good seat in the library. 

No one said 2016 was going to be fun.


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7. And not leave all your deadlines until the last minute.

Meaning if turnitin goes down again you won’t shit yourself.


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8. To start eating better.

As demonstrated by how not to do by this Reading student.


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9. To not get with anyone you meet at clubs because this is Reading and you will end up seeing them on campus all the time.


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10. And to join a society.

Give it a Go Fayre takes place on the 13th of January so if you didn’t sign up to anything in fresher’s week don’t worry, it’s not too late.

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