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12 Things University of Reading Students Are Guilty of Doing

No one said being a student was easy, but at least we’re all in it together doing the same stupid shit like…

1. Getting a “solo” ticket on the bus despite the fact you’re older than 18


Source: buzzfeed

2. Using Minghella as a mirror on your way through campus


Source: CDN4.teen.com

3. Taking a picture of the lake and thinking you’re artsy


Source: tumblr.com

4. Occasionally reading reading as Reading


Source: Xclusivetouch.com

5. Taking the lift in the library to a floor lower than the fourth floor

giphy (16)

Source: Giphy.com

6. Having to bribe your friends with the promise of a drink for your taxi money despite the fact taxi’s in Reading normally cost you under £2 each


Source: tumblr.com

7. Or being the friend that follows someone around a club demanding a drink because you paid double what you intended to on a taxi


Source: bookriot.com

8. Getting lost in HUMMS every freaking time


Source: tumblr.com

9. Never being exactly sure how to pronounce Eduroam


Source: Pinterest.com

10. Going for “one drink” at Park Bar but ending up spending your whole evening there


Source: tumblr.com

11. Ending up with a completely different group of people than who you actually went to The Union with


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12. Using the new University of Reading snapchat filter in unnecessary situations 


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