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12 Things You Won’t Miss About The University of Reading In The Christmas Vacation

So we’re all in the honeymoon stage of going home for Christmas. Full fridge, heating when you want to use it, unlimited use of a washing machine, makes you never want to go back to Reading. Here are some things you won’t miss over the break.

1. Not getting a seat in the library whenever you want to do work.


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2. Drunk people outside your halls at obscene hours in the morning.


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3. Your flatmates/housemates stealing your milk.

And now it’s you “stealing” milk from your family.


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4. Having to carry your campus card around all the time.

Want to go to the gym? Campus card. Want to go out to the union? Campus card. The only reason you’d use it for at home is for a student discount and you can’t even do that because there is no expiry date on it.


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5. Wasting tons of money at the Co Op because you can’t be bothered to order a shop.

You will never take your a full fridge for granted again.


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6. Having to pay £2 to wash your clothes if you’re in halls.

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7. Meaning you won’t have to go crazy saving £1 coins to use the machines. 

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8. Or having to have £1.40 exactly to use the bus.

But if you are in Reading over Christmas make sure to use this iconic line from everyone’s favourite festive film Home Alone.


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9. Getting facebook notifications from club promoter every night of the week.

Even though they seem to think posting in the freshers group about Refreshers week on a daily basis is a good promotion technique.


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10. Having to queue for what feels like forever whilst squashed against a stranger to get a drink at Park Bar on a busy night. 


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11. 9am lectures. 

Self explanatory really.


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12. Running into people you hate all the time because Reading doesn’t have that big a campus.


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