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12 Things You’ll Miss About Reading if You’ve Gone Home in Enhancement Week

So you’ve gone home for enhancement week and who are you kidding you probably already miss Reading. How did you survive living at home all that time?

1. Being able to go out in Reading any time you want to


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2. Especially as Union was selling tickets for £1 this week


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3. And having take-aways open until 5am


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4. Realizing how good Reading’s yik yak game is compared to your hometown


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5. Not being able to walk to Park Bar and get a cheeky snakebite


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6. Or be able to walk for under 5 minutes to get to your friends halls/house


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7. Sleeping in all day without judgement from anybody

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8. Not having the cleaners to clean up your kitchen


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9. Not being as productive because you can’t force yourself to sit in the library all day


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10. You can’t get a bagel from Bagel Man


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11. Or go to Co-Op to splurge on junk food in the middle of the day


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12. And just generally missing campus and everyone there

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