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13 Things You Learn to Love About The University of Reading

Sure there are things you immediately love about Reading but there are others that have to grow on you. But Reading wouldn’t be Reading without them.

1. The fact there are only like 5 clubs in town.

If you’re from a big city this might seem shitty at first but it’s so simple when you know everyone wants to go to the same place… mainly because they have to.


Source: tumblr.com

2. And that whenever you go out you’ll see someone you know.


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3. Which also means if you meet someone cool on a night out you’ll probably see them on campus at some point.

Unless it’s someone you really regret getting with, then that’s awkward for everyone… but when it happens to your friend that’s funny.

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4. The Union only closing at 2am.

But this means you can get drunk earlier and more importantly start drunk eating earlier.


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5. And how cheap the drinks are in there.

This can be lethal but has anyone ever heard of a student complaining about cheap drinks?

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6. The library being open 24 hours.

In first year you probably thought this was unnecessary but by third year this is a god send.


Source: buzzfeed.com

7. The fact you don’t get ID’d on the bus so you can always get an under 19’s ticket.

Why should you pay that extra 40p?


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8. That there are so many places to get food on campus.

Mojo’s, Campus Central, Park Bar, Bagel Man, Mondial, Park Eat, Humms Cafe, Dolche Vita, the library cafe, Park House … so much choice!


Source: Huffingtonpost.com

9. How into Yik Yak Reading is.

Ahh another form of procrastination. As long as the Yik Yak’s aren’t about you then it’s pretty entertaining.


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10. All the jokes about Oxford Brookes. 

We’re not being condescending and for any Oxford Brookes students out there condescending means showing an attitude of patronizing superiority.


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11. How diverse our societies are.

From Beyonce society to Sub Aqua anything you want, Reading probably has.


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12. The fact everyone gets so excited for the Summer Ball.

Although when you’re queuing for an hour and seeing people trying to resell tickets for a ridiculous profit it might seem like it’s not worth it but it definitely is.

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13. How much green space there is on campus.

It can be muddy at this time of year but it’s also very pretty.


Source: thegloss.com

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