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14 Lies All Reading Students Have Told Themselves

We all tell some lies, Reading. There will definitely be some here that you will recognise.

1. I’ll go to Park Bar but I’m only having one drink.


Source: Buzzfeed.com

2. Or I’ll go to Park Bar but I’m not going to the Union.


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3. And despite going out drinking I’ll definitely make my 9am.


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4. I’ll lie in for another 5 minutes, it doesn’t take that long to walk to Agriculture.


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5. I will totally get a good seat if I go to the library at 2pm.


Source: tumblr.com

6. And printing my essay last minute is a great idea because there are never any queues and the printers never fuck up.


Source: goodreads.com

7. I’ll only have one bagel from Bagel Man this week.


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8. I’m going to go to SportsPark after my lecture today.


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9. I’m actually going to bother voting for that guy who just spoke to me in the student elections.


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10. I know my way around all of HUMSS.


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11. Finding a second year house with people I’ve only known for 2 months is a great idea and won’t turn out badly at all.

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12. Saving myself a seat in the library is not a dick move.

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13. Getting a solo ticket on the bus is totally justifiable despite the fact I’m too old for it.

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14. There is no such thing as being too drunk for the union.


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