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14 People You Will Most Likely Meet at The University of Reading

So we’re far enough through term that you have probably met a range of different people. Maybe you will recognize some of these…

1. The Agric

You will either love or hate the Agrics. At least in Spring all the first years dye their hair bleach blonde so you can spot them from a mile off and avoid if you wish.


Source: tumblr.com

2. The guy who wears nothing but his sports team hoodie

We get it you do a sport. Well fucking done you.


Source: tumblr.com

3. The girl who is obsessed with MNQ

Definitely a fresher, this will wear off by third year don’t you worry.


Source: pinterest.com

4. The person who goes on about how they are always in the uni library

But we all know being in the library doesn’t mean you’re actually doing work.


Source: tumblr.com

5. The girl who gets a Starbucks from Mondial before every lecture

How do people afford to do that every day?


Source: tumblr.com

6.The people that don’t go out unless it’s to the Union

It’s cheaper than town but don’t they get bored of it?


Source: tumblr.com

7. Or the friend who gets way too drunk in Park Bar every time you go

And you were only supposed to go for “one drink”.


Source: genuis.com

8. The graduate that keeps hanging around Campus

And a lot of the time most of the people they know have graduated and are long gone so why bother?


Source: tumblr.com

9. The guy that is obsessed with Yik Yak

Yes we have already seen that Yak. Please stop.


Source: allthingsgomusic.com

10. The student who is always working at Uni Bars

Like do you even have time to do a degree?


Source: knowyourmeme.com

11. The person who lives in Park Group and gets Waitrose deliveries

They probably didn’t even know you could get a maintenance loan either.


Source: gifsec.com

12. The Entourage Project club promoter who bombards you with facebook notifications every week

Do they not understand some of us can’t go out on a daily basis?


Source: gurl.com

13. Students that are really proud to be in St Pat’s 

You all wear green and are really rowdy we get it but ease up on the chanting eh?


Source: pinterest.com

14. The people who think wearing sportswear to lectures will motivate them to go to Sportspark after

Who are you kidding, you’re going back to bed after your 9am.


Source: buzzfeed.com

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