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15 Things Reading Students Will Know If They Went Out On the First Night of Refreshers

First night out of term is always a big one. This year was no exception, but there was drama along the way.

1. Getting a alcohol/mixer for pre drinks was a ball ache because the Co-Op is still closed.


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2. Pre drinks were full of people reuniting.



3. And everyone was really up for getting smashed seeing as it was the first night back.


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4. People were going into town ridiculously early to try and get into Q.


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5. Like 9pm early.


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6. Although Q were only letting people in with wristbands so going into town so early was a waste of time.


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7. Meaning if you did spend all that money on a wristband it felt worth it.

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8. But this also meant a lot of people ended up in their back-up club.

giphy (6)

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9. Some eager people even had to go to a bar and wait for clubs to open.

Meaning more drinking for you and your friends.

giphy (5)

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10. Which was good if you ended up in Yates because they were giving out free donuts.


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11. Whichever club you were in you will have bumped into people you missed over Christmas.


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12. And you will have seen people that you kind of wish had fallen in a hole and not made it back to Reading. 

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13. No matter what club you went to the dancefloors were full of randy students who obviously hadn’t gotten laid over the holiday. 


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14.  When it got to the point in the night where your friend suggests going to get a Mcdonald’s you were so down even in your drunken state.

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15. And today you’re feeling like shit.



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