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16 People You`ll See When You Go to the Library at The University of Reading

It’s that time in the year where we’re all in the library and hating everyone in there. If you’re in there enough you might recognize some of these people.

1. The person who is just starting their deadline which is due in tomorrow.

communitychannel-notpanicking (1)


2. Who then evolves into the person still in the library at 2am frantically trying to get their work done.


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3. The person who is desperately trying to eat their lunch without getting caught.


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4. The people who save seats but don’t actually show up in the hours you spend there.


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5. That person who takes the lift up to any floor.

Like to the second floor? Seriously?


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6. The guy who can’t work the printer the day you have a deadline.

Just ask for help, it’s not hard.


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7. The girls who gossip and giggle really loudly like the library is a Starbucks or something.


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8. And the group of friends who think the pods are soundproof.


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9. The dick who takes up a whole table to themselves on the fourth or second floor.

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10. Whoever has their phone on loud or vibrate when you’re trying to concentrate. 


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11. Your friend who distracts you every time you go to the library with them.

But you continue to go back with them because who are you kidding, you don’t want to do work either.


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12. The person in full gym gear that make you question if they’re actually going to go to the gym or not.

Surely no one has their life together enough to go to the gym and library in the same day.

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13. The person who actually thinks it’s okay to Skype in the library.

giphy (3)

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14. Or just watch TV/films/sports whilst in there.


Source: teen.com

15. The person helplessly walking around trying to find a seat. 

But it does make you feel good when you have your own seat.


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16. The guy who always goes on about much they’re in the library. 


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