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18 Things You Know if You Have Lived in Mackinder, Stenton or Childs

Yeah, Stenton, Mackinder and Childs are a little pricey. But they are the best halls you can’t deny that.

1. You’re so conveniently placed to everything on campus.


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2. So there are some days you can get out of bed 5 minutes before a lecture.

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3. And after a Union night out you only have a short stumble home.

It also means you can pretty much leave whenever without having to worry about a long walk back on your own.


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4. You can’t say no to a drink at Park Bar because it’s so close to your flat. 


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5. But it is a bitch when you’re not going out because you can see everyone else having fun.


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6. And being woken up by people coming home from nights out is not what you signed up for.

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7. It’s practically the end of the world if you lose your campus card.


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8. There is so much storage space in your room.


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9. And the beds are ridiculously comfy. 

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10. Your ensuite isn’t the biggest but you love having your own bathroom.


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11. But if you bring someone home forget about shower sex, unless you like sex where neither of you can move.


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12. The struggle of having to go to Car Park 2 to pick up your deliveries.


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13. You’d see douchebags who display their empty bottles in the windows.

Like well done, you drank at University you rebellious bunch.

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14. And occasionally see the wanker who has a Waitrose or Ocado delivery. 


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15. As there is no communal area to watch TV you all have to squash into someones room to watch a movie. 


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16. You get jealous of the flats that have 10 people in because they get 3 fridges instead of 2.


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17. Not being able to use Yik Yak if you’re in Mackinder because you’re too close to a school. 

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18. If you don’t live there anymore you walk past with major nostalgia.


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