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17 Things You’ll Learn To Hate About Being a Student At The University of Reading

Nothing's perfect... not even The University of Reading. 

1. Getting snakebites spilled down you at The Union.

And it’s always when you’re wearing new clothes or something white.


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2. Trying to use the library during exam season only to find every seat taken by 10am.

The library might be open 24 hours but that isn’t so I can finally get a seat at 1 in the morning.


Source: pllgifs.tumblr.com

3. All the shops in and around The Oracle being so bloody expensive.

Even your NUS discount won’t save you now.


Source: Pinterest.com

4. The constant fear of appearing on Yik Yak whenever you step foot onto campus.

Just avoid wearing anything, saying anything or doing anything that will draw any kind of attention to yourself and you just might avoid it.


Source: collegetimes.com

5. How far the Agriculture/Meterology/Psychology buildings are away from everything.

And the struggle if you’re in one of those buildings for a 9am.


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6. Going to Uni Grill at 2am after a Union night out only to have to queue behind a load of drunk, hangry students.


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7.  Club promoters bombarding you with endless facebook notifications.

*cough* Entourage Project *cough*

giphy (2)

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8. Last entry to The Purple Turtle being at 2am meaning you need to organize your already very drunken group accordingly. 


Source www.tumblr.com

9. The nightmare that is driving around Reading.

Or even just giving someone directions, you’ll probably end up doing a journey that would take 10 minutes in half an hour.


Source www.buzzfeed.com

10. People buying extra Summer Ball tickets just to try reselling them for extortionate prices. 

giphy (3)

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11. Trying to find your way around the maze that is HUMMS.

No matter how many times you’ve had lectures or seminars in there you’re guaranteed to get lost.


Source tumblr.com

12. People who use the pods of the library and seem to think they’re soundproof.

Newsflash: they're not.

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13. Buying an online ticket to The Union and having to queue longer than people who just turn up and pay on the door.

giphy (4)

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14. The fact you can’t even go to the Co Op without seeing half the people you know.

Sometime you just want to leave the house looking disgusting and not be judged… and that can’t happen at the Erleigh Road branch.


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15. The queues at Park Bar on busy nights.

Because I really wanted to wait 40 minutes for a drink.


Source mattsko.wordpress.com

16. And the fact there’s a £5 card limit and no cash machine.


Source senorgif.com

17. That your time there only lasts a few years.

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