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18 Things You Know If You Shop In The Oracle

If you’re a student at The University of Reading there is no way you haven’t been to The Oracle. Although Reading is only a town, goddammit we have a good shopping centre.

1. You think about the Mcdonalds advert when you go down the escalator near Boots


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2. Some of the shops are constantly changing.

This can either be gutting if it’s a shop you’ve grown to love but it’s mostly nice to get something new.


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3. So there is never a time where there isn’t a store that’s shut down or is being renovated.


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4. And you wonder if Victoria’s Secret is ever going to open


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5. You’ve experienced the struggle of having to choose between Five Guys and Ed’s Diner.


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6. And you’re aware that Reading has an unnecessary amount of Costa Coffee’s.

And they’re all about a one minute walk a part.


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7. You feel like you’re slumming it when you go into Broad Street Mall.

Although sometimes you just need to pop in for some deals at Wilko.


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8. You go in Lush by the front entrance just to smell things and get free samples.

And just dream of the day you’ll be able to throw money at fancy soaps.

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9. You know Riverside will cater to any food craving you have.


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10. And you can always find a good happy hour.


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11. Riverside always floods in the winter

Not that you want to sit on the cold steps anyway.


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12. You check if you can get a student discount in every shop.

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13. And sometimes you work out if you should by something by counting how many drinks you could buy for that amount.


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14. You were heart broken when Tampopo shut down.


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15. You love winter because the mulled wine bar is back.


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16. Even if that means saying goodbye to dinosaur mini golf.

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17. Some shops you don’t even bother going in because you’ll never be able to afford to shop there.


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18. You can always find what you’re looking in Reading even if it’s not in the Oracle.

So many other good shops in the surrounding area. Good job Reading!

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