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19 First World Problems All Reading Students Have Had

It’s the end of term and I think we can all agree everything is getting to be too much.

1. Having a lecture in the agriculture building at 9am.

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2. The fire alarm going off in halls at inconvenient times.

And at uni, it’s always an inconvenient time.


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3.  Deciding which bagel you want at Cerealworks.

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4. And having to get cash out of the machine to pay for said bagel.


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5. But nothing is worse than having to queue for what feels like years to get cash out on a union night out.


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6. Mojo’s not selling curly fries anymore

Even though the new sweet potato fries are pretty banging.


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7. Having to buy two drinks at Park Bar so you can pay on card.

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8. Always seeing people you’ve hooked up with on campus.


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9.  Never being able to find where you’re supposed to be in HUMMS.

why does this keep happening to me

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10. Having to wait forever to use a library printer.

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11. Then getting there and realizing you have no money on your card so you have to go all the way down to the ground floor.

Remembering the printers are on the first floor.


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12. Having to walk up hill to Uni if you live around the co-op area.

keep breath

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13. Forgetting to buy a union ticket and it selling out.


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14. Or buying a union ticket in advance and having to wait longer to get in than the unorganized people paying on the door.

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15. Being crammed into the smallest smoking area in the world when you go to Q Club.


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16. Losing your friends whilst drunk in Union and feeling like a lost kid in a supermarket.

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17. Forgetting to return a library book and having to pay a 80p fine.


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18. Not having exact change for the bus.


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19. Blackboard going down when you really need it.

For example, Tuesday.


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