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19 Things You Know if You’ve Been on a Night Out to Reading’s Sakura

Whether it is Hanzo or Skint Monday’s we have all been to Sakura. Your favourite part might be the music, the atmosphere or maybe just the fact you can conveniently get a Subway after but you have to admit you’ve probably had some great nights there.

1. You immediately question your life choices if you get to Sakura and upstairs isn’t open

Are we too early? Is no one coming? And most importantly when is upstairs opening?

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2. Even though there are so many bars there is always a long queue at all of them


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3. And when you get to the front of the queue you’re always surprised by how expensive the drinks are

Isn’t it supposed to be a student night?


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4. You always try to sneak drinks onto the dance floor but it never works


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5. So you have down that drink that you paid too much for and queued too long for 


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6. You love downstairs on Monday’s because it brings out your inner fourteen year old emo


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7. You feel personally offended when you’re made to queue to go to the smoking area


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8. Because even if you don’t smoke you need to go up there due to the lack of air in the entire club


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9. And if you do smoke at least waiting is better than being stuck outside at the back by the bins downstairs


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10. You question the choice of whoever designed Sakura and why they wanted to add so many mirrors


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11. Because why would anyone want to see themselves sweaty, drunk and dancing?


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12. You feel an overwhelming sense of guilt going to the toilet because you’re skint and the toilet attendant is so nice


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13. Or you come out with glow stick that you won’t remember how you got in the morning

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14. You know their VIP area is the nicest in Reading  

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15. And if you have VIP you keep going back because you think the bar will have the quickest queue

Even though that isn’t always the case.


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16. When you realize it is nearly 2am you know it’s time to round up your squad and head to The Purple Turtle


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17. Which is never easy because there are so many places they could be

Upstairs dance floor? Downstairs dance floor? Upstairs bar? Down stairs bar? VIP? Smoking area? Upstairs loos? Downstairs loos?

Brittney Gif where is everyone

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18. And if Purple Turtle is not your thing the best thing about Sakura is that is right next to Subway


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19. And Hanzo is always the best night in town solely because it’s on a Friday and it means everyone can get really drunk without worrying about being hungover in lectures

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