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19 Things You Learn To Hate About Reading University’s Library

It’s nearly the end of term so we know what that means… deadlines! You’re all in the library too much and it’s driving you crazy.

1. The struggle of having to use the revolving door.

The door is heavy and it just creates a queue outside in the cold which no one wants.


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2. Having to go all the way to ground floor or the fifth floor if you need to use the toilet.

Like really? Two loos on five floors?

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3. And the fact that there are signs inside telling you how to use a toilet.

It’s like we’re Oxford Brookes.


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4. People with their phones on loud on the supposedly quiet floor. 


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5. Going to the library in the middle of the day with your friends and there being absolutely no where to sit together.


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6. And sometimes there being no where to sit even when you’re alone.


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7. But we all know this is because people are saving seats and then going off for hours. 


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8. That people think it’s socially acceptable to Skype in the library.


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9. The loud groups of people who think the study pods are sound proof.

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10. Or worse the one person who tries to take up a pod on their own.

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11. People who try and get the lift to a floor lower than the 4th floor.


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12. The printers always fucking up or having a huge queue before a deadline.


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13. Having to hide your food whenever you see someone who even looks slightly professional in case they work for the library. 


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14. Fearing doing something stupid and being publicly humiliated on Yik Yak.


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15. Forgetting to check out a book, hearing the alarm go off and half expecting a SWAT team to appear. 


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16. People taking forever to return books you desperately need.


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17. Your friend who always talks about how much they’re in the library.


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18. Strangers that ask other strangers to look after their stuff like that’s a good idea.  

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19. Clicker Man. 



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