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24 Things That Happen on a Night Out at Reading University’s Student Union

If you’re a student at The University of Reading, Wednesday and Saturday are probably your favourite days of the week because it means you can go clubbing at The Union. As it’s a Wednesday you’re probably pumped to go out tonight to what feels like the best drunken school disco, so get ready to experience some of these things…

1. Pre-Drinking really early because it’s Union and you need to be smashed


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2. But you’ll still end up having to down your drink and rushing out


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3. And as it’s Union no one bothers with getting a taxi so you have to walk all the way there


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4. You probably even walk past Park Bar and decide pre-drinking hasn’t quite finished


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5. Having to separate from your friends to go in either the box office queue, the online ticket queue or buying on the door


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6. Then reuniting and trying to work out which bar will have the shortest queue

giphy (13)

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7. But whatever you choose you’ll have to wait 20 minutes for a drink


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8. You bump into everyone you’ve ever met throughout the night

giphy (14)

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9. But always end up losing everyone you’ve came with


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10. Someone will spill a drink down you


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11. And it will probably be a snakebite that will stain your clothes



12. Sobering up in the ridiculously long queue for the one cash point in the union


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13. Your friend texting you that they’re on the dancefloor in 3Sixty and accepting that they’re lost into the night

giphy (15)

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14. Being able to pull the biggest shapes in Muluco Lounge as people don’t seem to know there is a dancefloor there


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15. Knowing how drunk you are depending how low you’re getting in Mondial


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16. Going to Mojo’s as it seems like it’d be the quickest place to get yet another drink but ending up waiting with tons of students who thought the same thing


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17. Horny freshers trying to grope anyone and everyone’s ass on the dancefloor


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18. Or pressing up against you as they get off with each other


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19. Girls ending up in a cubicle with enough people to populate a small town to avoid the long lines for the toilet and not get separated from your friends again


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20. Not being able to move in the smoking area with people who are ironically there for “fresh air”


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21. And being offered hard cash for cigarettes by students who “don’t even smoke” 


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22. Everyone ending up in 3Sixty for the last 15 minutes of the union to sing along to all the classic tunes


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23. Getting Dominoes outside the union or walking to UniGrill for all your drunk eating needs


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24. And when you get home you realize you had a fucking amazing night


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