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29 Things You Know If You Have Lived in Reading’s Wantage Halls

You either love Wantage or hate it. But if you hate it you have definitely never lived there and if you did they will have been some of the best years of your life.

1. Having to explain to everyone that you’re in the “Hogwarts” Halls.


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2. Putting on the Wantage weight because of all the catered food.


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3. The dining room being full of blonde guys sitting at the agrics supper table in spring term.


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4. Looking forward to having steak on Fridays and dreading Haggis on Burns Night.


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5. Never making it to breakfast because you were always too hungover. 

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7. Having to trek down to London Road for food on weekends because the dining room was closed. 

But at least that meant you got to eat their sweet potato fries.


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8. Taking condoms from the bowl outside of welfare whenever you went past.


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9. All the corridor cliques.


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10. Sleeping in the Newcourt court corridors so you could keep socializing with your friends. 


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11. Having to bring wine to the formals and wear a dress below the knee. 


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12. Drinking Sheep Dip at Wantage Baa.

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13. And pretending to be good at pool after a couple of drinks in the bar.


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14. The struggle of having to let people in at the front gate.


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15. Having to trudge up to Today’s local to buy drinks for your pre-drinks.



16. Everyone breaking up with their boyfriends/girlfriends from back home in the first couple of weeks.


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17.Then regretting getting with other people in Wantage and having to see them ALL THE TIME.


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18. Not being able to walk on the quad apart from if you’re playing croquet.

Meaning it was even riskier when people did the naked run across the quad.


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19. Hearing about people you know having sex on the top table.


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20. Finding about tons of secret passages that you couldn’t go in.


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21. VIP in MNQ being Wantage land


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22. Standing in Wantage Corner at the front of the union on a Wednesday or Saturday night.

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23. And reuniting with everyone you know in Uni Grill at the end of the night.


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24. The cars in the car park getting progressively more expensive throughout the year.


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25. Everyone having really posh names.

Double-barrelled surnames everywhere.


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26. And just being posh in general.

Ski tans after every holiday and wearing Dubarrys onto campus even when it wasn’t necessary.


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27. Being the odd one out if you didn’t do Agriculture or Real Estate.

So you’d either have to do shooting, polo or become a honorary Agric to fit in.


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28. The rivalry between Wantage and St Pats.


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29. Being known as Wantage Wankers but not caring because you have ultimate pride to be in Wantage.  


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