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Being a First Year Vs Being a Third Year At The University of Reading

Being a first year and being a third year is a world of difference. Both are busy and exciting but in completely different ways…

First Year: You go to MNQ nearly every week.


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Third Year: You’ve been to Q Club too many times and don’t fancy going to an overcrowded club where randy freshers will grind up against you.


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First Year: You’re in the University library when you have an essay due soon.


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Third Year: You’re in the library all the time.


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First Year: You don’t understand why other years always complain about you being in the library, you have just as much right to be there as everyone else.


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Third Year: You feel rage when there are no seats in the library as it’s your final year and you need to be there, so you lash out at the Freshers who only need 40% to pass and don’t know how good they’ve got it.


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First Year: You go to Park Bar to pre drink for a night out.

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Third Year: Park Bar is the night out. 

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First Year: You go out to town on Thursday nights



Third Year: If you go out on a Thursday it’s to Mojo’s pub quiz


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First Year: If you lose your Campus Card it’s the end of the world because depending on the halls you’re in as you might not be able to get into you room. 


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Third Year: Losing your keys is an absolute tragedy because calling a locksmith in is far more expensive than replacing your card for £10.

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First Year: If you were catered you put on the pounds just to spend your allocated budget. 


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Third Year: You rely on the co-op because who has the time to do a food shop?

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First year: You get a solo on the bus because you’re 18 and that’s allowed.


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Third year: You still get a solo on the bus because you’re a student and why waste a good 40p?


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First year: You can go home at the weekend whenever you want to because sometimes you need some space from Reading


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Third year: There is no way you have time to go home. You definitely can’t be away from the library for a whole weekend.


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First year: You don’t have to worry about deliveries because your halls post room sorts that out for you.


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Third year: You stress all day if you have a delivery and no one is in your house because knocking on your neighbours door is never an enjoyable experience.


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First year: It feels like you’ll be in Reading forever.

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Third year: You’re really sad because your time is nearly over and you’ll have to enter the real world soon.


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