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Members of Reading Uni’s Agriculture Society Wore Racist Costumes On a Social Last Night

The Agrics are often known for controversy, but that is often to do with them being loud and drunk. Last night, however, they hosted a themed social which saw some members wearing black face and distasteful costumes.

Other students were offended and kicked back at the society in the Freshers’ Facebook group.

Over 200 people liked the status below in just over 30 minutes.


Source: facebook.com


Source: Facebook.com

The Agriculture Society have defended their actions, saying the social was called “Agrics go on holiday.”

And although some students at the event wore appropriate costumes, many others mimicked ethnic minorities. Entourage Project have since removed photos from their page and have no affiliation with the Agrics or their social.

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Source: facebook.com


Source: facebook.com

Last year the Argics were disbanded by RUSU for the last term for their behaviour in bars over town but returned this year as they had served the time of their ban.


President of RUSU Oli Ratcliffe has released a statement on last night’s events.

Students are taking to twitter to react to the news.

The University posted a tweet acknowledging the social.