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15 Things You Miss About Keele University Now You’ve Graduated

It doesn’t take long for you to start missing a lot of things about Keele University.



1. Spending every day on such a beautiful campus.

Keele is the prettiest place, lovely to take some time to chill before my exam #keele #keeleuni #pretty #woods #lakes

A photo posted by Brittany Clorley (@britt_x96) on

2. And going for Tea and Toast in the chapel at 3am after a night out. 

He looks fabulous 😂

A photo posted by Charris Nicolls (@charrisnicolls) on

3. Being guaranteed a good night out at the SU.

You didn’t appreciate it at the time, but you do now.

via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

4. And all of the friends you made there.

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

5. Woodstoke 🙌

via gifrific.com

via gifrific.com

6. Getting dressed up for one of the many balls throughout the year.


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7. You even miss the library.

Something you definitely didn’t see coming.

The Library looked very elegant in this morning's sunshine! #walkingthedog

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8. The friendliness of Keele itself.

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via giphy.com

9. And the slight obsession everyone has with squirrels.

Whether it’s the mascot or the number of actual squirrels seen around campus.


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10. The amount of events on campus.


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11. Especially Keele Varsity 💪

12. Enjoying the look on people’s face when you explain that, yes, Keele has a university.

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via giphy.com

13. And feeling all the smugness at how much of hidden gem it is.

"Autumn at Keele" Keele Hall @keeleuniversity #MyKeele #MyKeele1

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14. To be honest, you miss pretty much everything about it.

#keeleuniversity #beautifulengland #students

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15. Thanks for having us, Keele. 👏👏👏

A walk down memory lane at @keeleuniversity ! #unimemories #memorylane #keeleuniversity

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