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Here Is The Full Sexist & Homophobic Leaflet Given Out By LSE Men’s Rugby Team

This week has seen sports clubs and societies doing everything they could at Freshers’ Fairs to recruit new members.

The LSE Men’s Rugby Team, however, has taken things to the extreme with a homophobic and sexist pamphlet in which they referred to young women as ‘slags’, ‘beast-like’, ‘birds’ and ‘trollops’.

They even stated that they would not tolerate ‘homosexual debauchery’, all the while calling themselves ‘gentlemen’.



The LSE Women’s Rugby team were quick to release a statement condemning the actions of their male counterparts.

They also expressed their disappointment with the media for forgetting the presence of the women’s team.



The Athletics Union also voiced their concern with a statement on their Facebook page, claiming that the views of the Men’s Rugby Club will not be tolerated by the AU.

via Facebook

via Facebook

As LSE Students’ Union prepares an internal investigation, the Feminist Society on campus has voiced their concern for the safety of the LGBT+ community and women in university.

The actions taken by the rugby team perpetuate rape and lad culture under the false image of innocent banter, and the AU has already warned the organiser will face punishment.

Last year’s National University Survey (NUS) revealed the outrageous statistic that at least 1 in 3 female students are sexually harassed while at university.

Here’s more of the pamphlet:



Monday afternoon the team released an apology via The Beaver:

“The Men’s Rugby Club would like to extend a full and unreserved apology for the recent decision to publish a leaflet at the LSESU Freshers’ Fair 2014.

It contained inexcusably offensive and stigmatising language and we would like to make it clear that this absolutely does not reflect the views and values of our club.

LSE Men’s Rugby does not tolerate misogyny, racism, homophobia or prejudice of any description and the Club remains committed to the LSE’s equal opportunities policy. Clearly, on this occasion we not only failed ourselves, but the university which we are so proud to represent.

We take full responsibility for what has happened and it has highlighted the need for any previously used club literature to be properly scrutinised before being reproduced.

We want our club to be a safe and welcoming environment for all people – this is why we actively encourage social members.

We can see that the language used in that leaflet must have alienated many potential members and we are ashamed and saddened by that.”


Hilariously, the team have since promised “anti-banter” workshops for their members. Though their apology hasn’t done much to calm down the backlash. 



Here’s the full leaflet:

The Daily Touch has contacted LSE Students’ Union for further comment on the matter and are awaiting a response.

UPDATE: The men’s rugby team has now been disbanded by the Union. 

Nona Buckley-Irvine, general secretary of LSE students’ union announced Tuesday evening the club would be closed down for bringing “shame” to the wider student community at LSE.

“After considered deliberation and a wide investigation, LSE men’s rugby club will be disbanded for the rest of the academic year and not be allowed to represent LSE or LSESU. They will be withdrawn from any competitions already entered into.”

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