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Prince Charles Is Looking To Hire Someone To Manage His Twitter Account

Stand at ease, His Royal Highness Prince Charles shall speaketh more often from now on, and there will be no royal mistakes. The 21st Century has arrived into Clarence House and the Prince of Wales needs his own social media manager.



As seen on HRH Prince Charles’ website, Clarence House is seeking a Digital Engagement Officer.

Applicants are required to be trained at a degree level and to have work experience in journalism or online communications. Job duties, as published in gorkanajobs.co.uk, include “daily maintenance and development of HRH The Prince of Wales’s website” and “communicating via the Clarence House social media channels on a daily basis.” And the salary? You have to name your price.

“One day I will understand the net, and will tweet my own Tweets”, said Charles in a fictitious speech.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, launched their joint Twitter account last week as @KensingtonRoyal, but it seems that @ClarenceHouse is in need of some tidying up.

via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

UPDATE: Applications are now closed. 

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