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The Weirdest Twitter Trends From The Last Week You May Have Missed

The main thing we can take away from this week on Twitter is: Beware of teenagers. So business as usual.

Last week was madness on the Twittersphere, as it usually is. We bring you the best trending topics that had everyone head over heels…

1. #alexfromtarget

Are you a graduate or a student? Have you worked hard to get where you want? Well, I’m sorry to tell you but all you really need is good looks and cool hair.

The proof is found on this guy here: Alex from Target.

Allegedly a marketing hoax, this already forgotten celebrity has been on the Ellen Show and has more followers you will ever have.

All because someone took a picture of him because they thought he was attractive.

These are the best responses



It seems like Alex from Target liked the attention too



2. #montythepenguin

You don’t know who this penguin is? Of course you do, because you haven’t been living under a rock. Monty is this year’s first viral Christmas add. It will have you in tears like every year.

Monty’s fandom will never be as good as the original penguin though.

And now #penguinwars is a thing.


Oh, twitter.

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