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University of Sheffield Has Scrapped Library Fines

Students at the University of Sheffield just got a big excuse to rejoice…


Yes, you read it right. This means you can have books for as long as you need without being financially penalised.

via glee.wikia.com

via glee.wikia.com

The BBC reported that the University of Sheffield has taken steps to make student life simpler and fairer by completely removing those nasty overdue fees.

Away with the essay-time anxiety when you needed your books but you were broke. Now you can eat something other than instant noodles AND keep up your grades.

University of Sheffield commented that revoking these fines is “fairer and more efficient” for students, and we couldn’t agree more.

To make sure that no one steals any books, the library will implement a system in which each book will be automatically renewed unless someone else requests it. And if you’re supposed to give back your books, you won’t be able to check out another one before returning them.

Not only do most universities fine students for being tardy with books, they even prevent them from graduating.

This is a tactic that has been described as grossly unfair by the likes of NUS, but is something Uni of Sheffield students will no longer have to worry about. 

So, UoS students, enjoy your free, unlimited books. The rest of us will just wallow in jealousy. 

via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

Do you think all other universities should follow suit?


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