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6 Questions You Never Want To Be Asked After a Night Out

Now that you’re settling into university life and drinking is becoming a habit, there is the chance of having a black-out night where you don’t remember a thing. These should not be often, as knowing your limit will come with practice, but you’ll wake up confused, dazed and with a lot of unanswered questions.

Here are five you really don’t want to be asked after an all night bender.

1. “So how was that person you took home last night?”

No. No. You do not remember taking anyone home last night so it definitely didn’t happen.



2. Did you ever find your card?

By the end of first year you’ll be a pro at closing your account at a moments notice, and yes, the people at the student office will know your face well enough to get you a new student card.



3. Where did you go to last night?

Go? You didn’t go anywhere. You were with friends and then you were home. But then where did the mud come from? And the bruise?



4. Is it true you got in a fight?

What?? No! No that is not true. You are a peaceful being. But then again, all that tequila…



5. Did they really ban you last night?

Ban? BANNED? You weren’t banned, you don’t remember that. Time to go apologize profusely.



6. Do you know where ____ is? They left with you.

…oh shit



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