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The 6 Different Types of Rugby Girls You See at University

You will see them on Campus. Definitely hear them in town. If you are not already one, a part of you will want to be one. They’re rugby girls and you can bet yourself that they will outshout you, outdrink you and outrage you with stories.

Here are the 6 different types of rugby girls that you can find on every team. 

1. The Fresher

They are so new they still smell fresh. They occasionally get hit in the face with the ball. Don’t worry about it though, after a few weeks it will be like they were never anything else.


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2. The Back

They are tall and skinny. You would think they can’t take down a fly but you are wrong. The backs are power houses hidden in teeny tiny packages and you will not be able to catch up when they run away from you. eeegggh. Effort.



3. The Forward

Here is a girl you don’t want to get in a fight with. Ever. They drink like tanks, tackle like giants and don’t wait for anyone. Running is a different matter though.



4. The Pro

We have all heard of these creatures; the ones that can do magical things with a ball, never miss a side step and always at the right place at the right time. Your coach will praise them to high heavens. It’s quite annoying really, but we do love them when they take a tackle for us.



5. The Drunk

They only ever really show up at night time or for daytime drinking. They are the one who will send you a text at 2pm expecting you to drop everything and come to the pub. They make for great social secs, and if not, then just great drinking buddies. Be ready for the hangover, though.


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6. The Old Girl

In the end, everyone will turn into this one. For some time she will stay and drink until she forgets that she has actually graduated. Either that or she returns for every big event. We all love her anyway.



You don’t have to worry too much about these, as frightening as they sound, they are generally friendly. Even when drunk.

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