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19 Things Every Leeds Student Who’s Lived In Hyde Park Will Understand

With its indisputable charm and amicable residents *cough* Hyde Park is the place to be if you’re a student in Leeds, and if you’ve had the pleasure of living in this haven you will probably understand the following things.

1. Regularly gravitating towards the Hyde Park Pub.

Also known as HPP (if you’re a bit of a lad) or number 10 on the Otley Run.

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via tumblr.com

2. Wondering how you ever lived without a 24h Sainsbury’s on your doorstep before.

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3. Prioritising Pitza Canto over Domino’s. 👌

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4. Constantly having your bins stolen.

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5. And dreading changeover day.

6. Going straight to the park as soon as the sun comes out.


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7. But avoiding it at all costs at nighttime.

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8. With the exception of Bonfire Night of course.

For one night a year, the entire population of Leeds congregates there to watch the fireworks for 5 minutes before going to the pub.

Pretty fireworks last night at Hyde park 🔥💥🚀💫 #bonfire #night

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9. Being directly or indirectly involved in the annual “gardening” event that takes place on the 20th of April.


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10. Seeing wavey garms everywhere.


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11. Momentarily forgetting that you’re in West Yorkshire when you walk past the Slack-liners and Quidditch enthusiasts.


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12. Wading through that river of a puddle every time it rains.


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13. Everyone knows someone who’s been burgled recently.

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14. And your mum is always worried about that “big drug bust” just around the corner from your house she saw on the news.


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15. That one particular ice cream van tune always ends up stuck in your head.

You know the one.

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16. Making an effort to go here at least once.

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17. The emotional struggle of accidentally telling a taxi driver to take you to Brudenell Road instead of Brudenell Street after a heavy night in HiFi.


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18. Knowing that you need to get on the roof to see Hyde Park at its best.


hyde park Again

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19. And accepting that although you definitely won’t want to stay forever, you’re glad you got to spend your time at uni in Hyde Park.

Final views from WP 🌆

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