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19 Things You Really Miss About Studying at UCL When You Graduate

Exam season isn’t one of them.

1. Passing around the £1 drinks.

Mondays at Phineas meant one thing only – cheap alcohol.


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2. The coffee at the Print Room.

And watching people think you can actually print stuff there.

via facebook.com / UCL memes

via facebook.com / UCL memes

3. You’ll even miss the Main Library.

It may be the home of all your stress but it’s so pretty.

#ucllibrary #ucl #universityoflondon #librariesofinstagram #librariesoftheworld

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4. Sitting on the Portico steps.

There’s no greater sense of UCL belonging like sitting on the Portico steps on a sunny spring afternoon.


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5. And all the things that went down in the main quad.

#uclquad bungee

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6. Having lots of great food just 5 minutes away from you.

Franco Manca, Wasabi, Japanese Canteen… yes please.

Saturdays are for pizza&spritz🍕#francomanca#aperolspritz#weekendvibes

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7. Not to mention the cheap sandwiches and wraps at George Farha.

We're just touching up our make up while you're all away #georgefarha #vinyls #cafe #summer

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8. And the free Hare Krishna food.

Basically – you’ll miss all the food around you at UCL 😇

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9. The student activism.


10. How easy it was to make friends with people from all walks of life.


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11. The banter you had with King’s.

No one actually hates King’s, it was just a way of life.

via facebook.com / UCL memes

via facebook.com / UCL memes

12. And with Imperial.

You actually did hate Imperial though.


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13. ULU.

You won’t miss the time they changed the name to Student Central though.

The bars are open – come down for a drink! #beer #bar #friday #students #cheap #drinks #london #food #fridaynight

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14. And crashing the Freshers’ events in second year.

UCL hadn’t really begun without KOKO’s welcome event.

KOKO London last night was amazing!.❤

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15. Jeremy Bentham.

Weird but iconic. What would UCL have been without him?

16. Going to Sports night every week.

Even though you said you wouldn’t.

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17. And hanging out in Ramsey even though you didn’t live there.

It was just the place to be.


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18. Really, you’ll just miss studying in London.

19. And calling UCL home.


Today I am coming back here as a GRADUATE. 🇬🇧

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