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25 Things You’ll Understand If You Studied Abroad In Spain

Spanish isn’t one of them. 🇪🇸

1. Spanish people speak incredibly quickly.


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2. But they’re also really open and friendly.


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3. Or at least that’s what you assumed since you often had no clue what they were saying.


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4. Your go to words were ‘vale’ and ‘gracias’.


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5. And to fit in on the group chat, you started typing ‘haha’ as ‘jaja’.


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6. You also started saying ‘puta’ a lot.

Because it’s the best swear word ever and it goes with everything.


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7. You made sure to be home every evening to tune in to ‘El Hormiguero’.

The games were the best part of the show.


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8. Spanish TV in general was just so trashy but so good.


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9. And watching ‘Quién quiere casarse con mi hijo’ was so much better than Made In Chelsea.

Whatever Louise.


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10. El Corte Ingles became your best friend for whenever you needed anything.

11. Or if it was too expensive you could just pop down to your local ‘chino’.


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12. Having tapas or paella for every meal never got tiring.


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13. And having an omelette in a baguette for lunch from the uni canteen was completely normal.


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14. Jamón wasn’t just a cured meat, it was a condiment that went with everything.

15. 9pm was a pretty modest hour to have dinner.

Which meant you’d be left hungry for hours.


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16. And if you had dinner earlier than 8pm your compañeros called you a ‘guiri.’



17. Leaving the house at midnight to go out was pretty standard.


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18. You didn’t need to take a coat either because it never got cold.


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19. Going out later just meant there was plenty of time to predrink on Don Simon Sangria.

Which you probably bought from the chino down the road.

20. Getting to the club at 3am was a little too early.


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21. And heading home at sunrise was nothing out of the ordinary.

No walk of shame whatsoever.


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22. Or you’d just head straight to San Gines for some breakfast churros and chocolate.

23. Cien montaditos was everything.

24. Actually, Spain was just everything. 😍

25. And you wish you could have lived there forever.

Mi vida resumida….😏😪😢 #spaintakemeback #backtoreality #erasmuslife

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