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20 Thoughts Every Student Has In The Build Up To Exams

Few people are immune to pre-exam nerves at university, and no matter how much preparation you do, you’ll probably spend the last few days (and minutes) leading up to the exam wondering how you ever thought you had a hope of passing university. The trick is not to listen to the voice inside your head.

In case you were wondering what that voice sounds like… well, it’s probably a little something like this.

via law.ac.uk

via law.ac.uk

1. Exams are ages away… who’s up for a beer?!

2. Hmm… They’re actually not that far away. Perhaps I should study…

3. A couple of hours Netflix break won’t hurt, right?

4. My first exam is in two days and I know nothing.

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

5. I can’t read my revision notes.

6. I do not remember studying this on the module.

7. Why won’t anything sink in?!

8. How was my handwriting ever this bad?! Did past me WANT me to fail?!

9. I need a drink. I wonder if my friends are available? We could do shots and go dancing and… NO

10. ?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!??!??!?!??!

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

11. It’s tomorrow.

12. My life is over.

13. I’d better call my parents to let them know what a disappointment I am before the university┬átells them first.

14. Should I do an all nighter cramming session, or get a good night’s sleep?

15. Actually, sleep sounds good…

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

16. Sleep wasn’t good. Now it’s today.

17. Oh no, oh no, oh no…

18. I wish I’d made cheat cards or something…

19. Mental note to listen more in class next semester.

20. Good luck brain. Just get me through the next two hours and then we’ll go out for a drink to drown our sorrows…



You can do this – good luck!

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