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23 Things You Miss About The University of Brighton Now You’ve Graduated

There’s a lot to miss about the University of Brighton.



1. The fact that it’s one of the coolest universities EVER.

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2. And that you can basically go to the beach whenever you like.

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3. The rivalry with the University of Sussex.

So much passion.

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4. Going to the ice rink at The Royal Pavilion at Christmas.

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5. You even miss the SU Team.

6. And all the amazing people you met across the five campuses.

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7. Being able to use the phrase “only in Brighton”.

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8. Studying really cool subjects.

Brighton has something for everyone.

9. And being part of even cooler societies.

Cheese and wine society? Why the hell not.

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10. The wild SU nights out.

The nights out back home just don’t compare.

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11. How quirky Brighton is.

Mondays are better in Brighton 🚩🏳️‍🌈 #thelanes

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12. And how the lecturers are even quirkier at times.

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13. The extensive amount of free pens to be found across campus.

Graduate life doesn’t come with enough free pens.

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14. Weekly trips to the pier.

15. The amazing campus views.

16. And the incredible LGBTQ+ scene.

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17. The campus café food.

Summer menu for @subrighton in the Basement Cafe #Cockcroft (phew, we still have burgers over the summer!) #moulsecoomb #uniofbrighton

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18. Being part of such a proactive university.

19. Not to mention the passion of the staff and students.

20. And the excitement of knowing you’d be graduating in such a stunning place.

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21. Basically, you miss everything about it.

22. So thanks for the memories, Brighton. 

23. We had a blast. 👏😍

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside 🌞

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