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13 Types of Student You’ll Meet At University

If you’re starting or returning to university, you’re about to meet a lot of new people. These students can be found at every institution, because uni is sometimes like roaming a game reserve – you’re bound to spot at least five.

1. The Gym Junkies

These students live for the gym and their arms and biceps show it. If you ever need a personal trainer these students make great friends.


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2. The Know-It-Alls

These students know everything and anything… apparently. They raise their hand even when there is no questions asked and you can bet they will ask for extra work, which will involve the whole lecture room of students having to do the same just to do well. They can be annoying, but at the same time they can be really helpful when it comes to exam time.


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3. The Party Animals

These students go to uni with one clear idea: partying and drinking. Of course they know that it’s also about getting a degree, but they much prefer to have a good time and make blurry memories. Pass the gin, please.


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4. The High School Cliques

These students are still stuck in High School and relish in gossip and drama. They can be mean to start with, but they’ll quickly learn that no one cares and cliques don’t exist at university.


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5. The Helpers

These students will volunteer for everything and enjoy helping people if they’re lost, confused, need guidance, need a tour and basically anything that has to do with the university. Even if they’re only a first year they’ll act like a peer guide.


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6. The Class Clowns

These students are the jokers of the lecture rooms. Funny is their trade and their trade is hilarious. As much as the lecturers hope not to get these clowns, it is inevitable. These are also the students who immediately scope out the back seats in a lecture room.


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7. The Stoners

These students came to experiment and have a good time. They’re cool at first but if you invite them to your party you run the risk of them putting a downer on the night with their deep, philosophical, 3am debates.


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8. The Student Activists

These students are often angry and are always involved in some sort of movement. They’ll run for President, Vice President, Committee, Senate and loads of other things you’ve never even heard of. Often spotted at in a pub ranting about how the city is using too much electricity or how much paper is wasted at the computer labs, they are socially and politically involved and that’s a good thing (except when they insist on throwing flyers at you during election time).

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9. The “In-The-Zone” Students

These students come to university to work and do nothing else. They leave school determined to get a first and above… if there is such a thing. Friends matter, but work matters more. Perpetually in the library or locked to their computer, feed regularly with coffee and they’ll be fine.


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10. The Food & Drink Thieves

These students are great and fun to be around, but bring them anywhere near YOUR food or YOUR alcohol and consider it gone. They’ll minesweep people’s drinks on a night out which usually means you’ll end up looking after them.


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11. The Daters

These students think of university as a place to find their true love. You’ll see them single one minute and the next day they’ll have their hands wrapped around their flatmate. What’s even better is there’s a romantic story that involves alcohol, freshers and a lot of pretty lights.


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12. The Recluse

This student might actually be a myth. You see their stuff in your fridge and you hear them occasionally but sightings are rare. If you live with a recluse you can persistently invite them for a drink all you want but they won’t respond.

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via goodreads.com

13. And finally, there’s your friends

Probably an eclectic mix of all the above, the friends you make at uni will soon turn into family.


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