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The 11 Types of Hungover People

Hangovers are something you’ll be lucky to avoid.

Everyone copes in a different way…

1. Those who eat until they feel better

The first thing these guys think about when hungover is FOOD. They’re practically zombies.


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2. Those who immediately wash themselves of the sins from the night before


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3. The hermits who spend 24 hours in bed

“Sleep it off” is their mantra and they’ll do all they can to avoid contact with natural light.


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4. Those who think binging on Netflix will cure the pains of binging on alcohol

Hangovers bog the mind and distrupt emotional capacity to about 3 percent so these people just waste that extra mind power by watching anything and everything… snacks are also welcome.


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5. The daring ones who choose to exercise

They say it’s good to sweat out all those toxins, but… WHY?


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6. The weepers

Nights out are tough so these guys just cry it out. All day long.


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7. The renegades who opt for hair of the dog

Drink another beer to numb the pain. Screw feeling like shit.


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8. The ones who don’t move at all

This is the guy who was always on your sofa in your student house. It takes these people longer to come back to life and they’ll often sleep where they fall.


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9. The shoppers who hope spending even more money will distract them from their headache


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10. The toilet huggers

This person has a love/hate relationship with their stomach. Can often be found saying “I am never drinking again.”

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11. And the worst of all, the “I feel fine” freaks

Who are these people? How do they do it? I hate them.


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If you’re hungover, we feel your pain.  

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