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20 Things Only University of Nottingham Students Will Understand

We’ve got Robin Hood, Andy Hoe and the oldest pub in England. Beat that.

1. The glorious times Dinos has come to the rescue when you can’t stomach another hall meal, be arsed to cook for yourself or are simply too hungover to show your face in the dining hall.


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2. Speaking of – you had no idea how many different ways you could serve potato until you lived in Notts catered halls.

Square, round, lattice, cylindrical, cubed, curly fries… I could go on…

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3. The Rutland rivalry with everyone.

Rutlanders are the undisputed runts of the Nottingham student litter. If you didn’t realise this when naively choosing your halls, you sure will do by the end of Freshers’ week. But the side effect of being hated by just about everyone? Their hall spirit is second to none!



4. Revision breaks in Lenton Park.

There’s no better place to be when the weather’s nice than in the park playing footie, sunbathing or having a BBQ. Even if you’re bogged down with revision, nothing’s stopping you from catching that sun.


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5. Finally making it to Ye Olde Trip and soaking up the history.

Never has going down your local felt more cultured.

via nightlifedirectory.co.uk/

via nightlifedirectory.co.uk/

6. Being able to study, party and do sport better than anyone from Trent. 


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7. The confusion over the elusive ‘Sutton Bonington Campus’.

There’s a third campus all the way out in the countryside? Really? And there’s a farmers market there?!

via thenottinghamfoodblog.com

via thenottinghamfoodblog.com

8. The injustice that humanities students are shunned to the furthest end of campus where only Rutlanders are usually exiled.


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9. The Hallward struggle is real. It’s hotter than the bowels of hell and the most uncomfortable place on earth during exam periods.

If you absolutely must visit this abyss head straight to the sky lounge and do not deviate.


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10. Andy hoe is Nottingham’s version of Willy Wonka and a ticket to Ocean is worth more than pure gold.

Only Notts students would pay good money for a square of the old Ocean carpet. That’s how beloved this place is.


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11. Considering living in Beeston? Just no.


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12. Wednesday night is reserved for Crisis.

If you have a 9am on Thursdays, forget it! Black Cherry Lounge always wins out, especially on sports social nights.

via eventbeat.co.uk

via eventbeat.co.uk

13. The Warsaw Diner is hangover haven (provided you make the colossal effort of waking up before it closes).

via tripadvisor.com

via tripadvisor.com

14. Ropewalk is the best date place you could ever wish for.

This was the setting for the humble beginnings of many an epic uni love story.


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15. Devonshire Promenade is prime real estate. Act fast.


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16. Crossing the downs in winter is a feat like no other.

If you’re required to make this trek for a 9am, do everything in your power to change your timetable or prepare to miss half your lectures.


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17. Apart from being the scene of many regrettable post-Rag raid debaucheries, you will never enter The Den at any other time throughout uni.

This can only be a good thing – who wants to return to the scene of the crime and be reminded of that Rag raid shame?


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18. Spending your taxi money on one last drink and having to trek back to campus/Lenton.

This is a decision that will always, always end in regret. And blisters. Lots of blisters…


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19. The Savoy Cinema will forever ruin your future cinematic expectations.

Going from a loveseat for a quid each on Wednesdays to 15 quid a head back home? Is this some sick joke?


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20. Taking drunk photos astride the lions in Market Square and draped over Robin Hood by the castle.

There’s so much to do in Notts it makes perfect sense to combine a night out with historic sightseeing.


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