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8 High School Stereotypes You See In Every Office

While high schools stereotypically have very defined cliques, made all the more pronounced by teen movies such as Mean Girls and Clueless, you haven’t seen anything yet until you graduate to the workplace. Thought we had all grown up and moved past the bitching and pigeonholing? Think again.

When you start working in an office you realise everyone is still the same character they were at school. 

1. The Suck Up (the former ‘geek’)

First in every morning, last to leave every night and makes damn sure everyone in the office knows it. His is always the first hand in the air in meetings and the reason it drags on well into lunch.


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2. The Joker (the former ‘class clown’)

Not changed much since high school, but everyone’s grateful for it. Makes the day go a lot faster and is usually everyone’s mate. The joker’s never short on lunch offers and provides much-needed light relief when working those endless late nights. If you’re going to befriend anyone, befriend this one.


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3. The Slacker (the former ‘stoner’)

Used to be the chill guy everyone was drawn to in high school, now you just want him to pull his weight. Do something! Do anything! They don’t realise (or don’t really care) that everyone else is picking up their slack, and it’s not like you can go running to your boss unless you want to be the office snitch.

They always look like they could do with a good sleep (despite being far from overworked) and will do everything extremely slowly.


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4. The Self-important Know-It-All (the former ‘jock’)

The most popular person in the office – oh no wait, sorry, thinks they’re the most popular person in the office. Walks around with an air of confidence cultivated from a whole high school career’s worth of admiration and fawning. Their ego doesn’t fly in the office quite as well as it did back in school. Karma.


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5. The Office Bitch (the former ‘cheerleader’)

Like the former jock, this person isn’t as well received in the workplace as they were in school. Being confined in a small office where word gets around very quickly, people are more wary of them than in awe. However, their ruthlessness means that they will probably get promoted before you. On the plus side, they always have a good story from the weekend.


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6. The Intern (the former ‘new kid’)

Essentially the runt of the office family. The intern will be the youngest, most easily intimidated and always painfully eager to please. They are essentially drafted in to do the most work without getting paid (and of course serve any tea/coffee cravings you may have). They are usually taken advantage of in a way familiar to any kid who started at a new school.


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7. The Creative (the former ‘hipster’)

Tries to dress ironically, sneaks earphones in whenever nobody is watching and has Spotify constantly minimised. Usually mates with the slacker and always discussing seeing some DJ you have never heard of at a venue you have never been. They are still coming to terms with being confined to an office.


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8. The Boss (the former ‘head boy’)

Like the head boy from your school only scarier, less approachable and more likely to end your future career right then and there. Don’t smile, don’t speak unless spoken to and don’t look directly at them. Whenever they walk into a room make sure Solitaire’s minimised and you have your emails open.


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