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9 Things You Still Do as a Graduate Even Though You Should Know Better

So you have a degree now, nobody said anything about maturity, class and standards…

1. Liking One Direction ‘ironically’ a little too much.

One Direction starts blaring out because you ‘accidentally’ left a song on your playlist. So what?! Although you may be persuaded to upgrade to a (Ariana) Grande now you’re officially an adult…


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2. Pre drinking in parks when pubs are too expensive.

Yes, you may be mistaken for homeless and yes, this is usually the rebellious underagers’ turf, but why pay a fiver a pint when you can choose the scenic option and a 6 pack for the same price? Granted, British weather isn’t always conducive but that’s not to say there’s any shame in it.


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3. Sneaking into student nights.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? You may stand out like a sore thumb but hold your head up high. We can’t all be earning the big bucks fresh out of uni. Plus, if you’re wiling away your days writing cover letters and filling out applications, what’s to stop you going out midweek and reliving those beloved student days?


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4. Living back at home (and being ok with it).

Why cook for yourself and do laundry when your parents are so good at it? There’s no shame in taking the economical (and far more comfortable) option for a while and dragging your heels about moving out…


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5. Sleeping in until midday.

You have had a hard few years of studying (read: partying) and have definitely earned yourself a few lie-ins. The ones you had when you missed those 9ams were always guilt-ridden and disappointing. Therefore, I deem midday lie-ins completely acceptable – at least until you manage to get one of those sought after job things.


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6. Eating unhealthily/cheaply/quickly.

So you graduate and boom! Suddenly you’re a health expert who prepares fresh salads to go with every meal and never skips their five a day? Not likely. It’s still perfectly ok if you can’t resist the magnetic pull the microwave section seems to emit.


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7. Writing off a whole day, sometimes 2, because of a hangover.

You need a break from all that job-hunting, right? And I don’t know if you’ve noticed but these hangovers are getting progressively harder to shake… Putting your feet up and binge-watching shows is nothing to be ashamed of in and amongst the monotony of applying for jobs.


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8. Speaking of…. binge watching teen shows is definitely still A-OK.

Why should we give up our teen dramas just because we are no longer classified as such ourselves? If anything, it is more important than ever to be able to live vicariously through these beloved shows and mourn our youth.


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9. Avoiding the gym

Why change a habit of a lifetime just because you’re a ‘grown-up’ now and need to ‘sort out your life’? If anything, now would be the very worst time to take up any new activities while you have so much else to think about and get in order…


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