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11 Reasons Taylor Swift Would Be The Worst Person at Pre-Drinks

She would bring unwanted guests, make your guy mates feel uncomfortable and really limit your pre-drink playlist – who invited Taylor Swift?!

1. She would monopolise the conversation talking about her ex


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2. Her fans would gate-crash and ‘literally die’ in your house


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3. Things would get seriously awkward when One Direction come on shuffle


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4. …and then even worse if Kanye starts playing


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5. She would (literally) outshine you in the wardrobe department


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6. She would make your own brand vodka, average degree and student debt seem all the more worse



7. She would inevitably get her guitar out and things would get uncomfortable


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8. She would probably get up and start dancing halfway through Ring of Fire


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9. There’s a very real possibility she would invite her pal Miley Cyrus and nobody wants that



10. If there are any guys in the room she’d write a song about them for her next album


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11. Her idea of a big Saturday night is watching Titanic with her cat

And she cries about Joni Mitchell after a few glasses of wine which kinda puts a downer on the whole pre-drinking vibe to begin with.


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Don’t let her walk in. She’ll be trouble.

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