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13 Times You Regretted Not Doing A Master’s Degree

Postgraduate study isn’t for everyone. But at this time of year, it’s easy for those who thought they were ready to leave education to feel that, well…they weren’t.

1. When you realised you weren’t ready to let go of your student life.


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2. Or, let’s be honest, your student discount.

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3. When, to your amazement, you discovered you actually really miss learning.


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4. And that you did, in fact, enjoy the stability of lectures and seminars.


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5. When you started to read through job requirements and had to accept that your bachelor’s degree alone was not enough.


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6. Because you realised that it only scratched the surface of your area of study.

what do i do

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7. So you’ve come to the conclusion that you know very little in comparison to postgraduates.


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8. And so, when applying jobs, you knew your chances were extremely slim.


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9. When you attempted to exaggerate the amount of transferable skills your humble bachelor’s degree gave you.


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10. And marketing it was like marketing that time you got a sticker at the dentist’s.

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11. Because you struggled to attempt to convince employers that you’re qualified enough for a proper job. 


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12. When you realised that you’d rather pay the fees for another degree than carry on aimlessly job hunting.

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13. And when the thought of being at university again made you laugh and cry simultaneously.


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