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15 TV Shows You Can Justifiably Watch When You Should Be Doing Uni Work

We’ve all done it. You’re supposed to be doing work but somehow you end up watching TV instead. But that’s OK, because some shows are perfectly justifiable to watch.

1. Pointless.

The knowledge to be gained is anything but pointless.


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2. University Challenge.

You are the target audience for this show. It would be so rude not to watch it and miss the opportunity to show off your mad skills.


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3. Escape To The Country.

Sometimes, watching people look unimpressed in houses with storage cupboards bigger than your entire student house is exactly the kind of backhanded motivation you need to get your act together and work a bit harder.


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4. Any and all period dramas.

Clearly very important for historical context, culture and sound advice.


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5. Have I Got News For You.

Topical sarcasm. It’s always important to be up to date on your current affairs as a student, after all.


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6. New Girl.

Because Nick Miller understands your struggles right now.


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7. The Great British Bake Off.

If Paul Hollywood’s icy stare can’t persuade you to do some work afterwards, nothing can.


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8. Friends.

No matter how bad your day has been, Ross’ has probably been worse.


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9. Total Wipeout.

Sometimes you just need to watch people make a fool of themselves before you can work properly.


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10. Countdown.

A great way to get into the wordsmith spirit.


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11. The Apprentice

Basically the TV equivalent of a careers meeting. A lesson in what to say – and not to say – at a job interview.


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12. Come Dine With Me.

A lesson in cooking and pronunciation.

13. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Because sometimes you just need reassuring that you’re more capable than some people, at least.


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14. How It’s Made.

You genuinely never intended to start watching this, but now you can’t look away and suddenly need to know how everything everywhere is made.


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15. Would I Lie To You?

Good practice for lying to your tutor about how much work you’ve done.


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