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20 Things That Need To Stop Happening In Lectures

There’s no rule book for how to behave in lectures, but there is a certain etiquette. And so, when people do these things, you are perfectly within your rights to bestow upon them the judgement they deserve.

1. When someone brings offensively smelling snacks with them.

Sweets? Fine. Tuna sandwich? Nope.


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2. When someone uses the back of your seat as a foot rest.

What are you doing?

what are you doing


3. Or your neighbours hog both of your arm rests.


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4. Crisps.


keep it down

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5. When someone obviously has a cold but they brought no tissues with them.

You start off feeling sorry for them, but the amount of sniffing becomes inexcusable really quickly.

giphy (14)

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6. When someone wants to take notes on their laptop, but type like they hate their keyboard.

Just chill.


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7. Or they just want to play games on their laptop, which you then become invested in watching.


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8. When the person in front of you didn’t pass you your pen when it rolled off your desk and stopped right next to them.

Cheers for nothing.

thanks for nothing


9. When a latecomer disrupts an entire row of people in order to sit directly in the middle of the row.


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10. Or makes everyone else move down when you’ve just got settled.

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via buzzfeed.com

11. When there aren’t enough seats in a row to sit with your friends because people keep leaving big gaps.

giphy (15)

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12. But when there are lots of free seats someone comes and sits right next to you.


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13. When the handouts get lost mid-distribution because someone decided they couldn’t be bothered to pass them back. 

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via buzzfeed.com

14. When someone keeps clicking their pen and you start listening out for it.

giphy (13)

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15. Or you can hear someone’s phone constantly buzzing.


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16. When the lecturer moves to the next slide before you’ve finished taking notes.

17. When you catch a glimpse of your neighbour’s well-written notes and immediately want to throw yours in the bin.

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via gif.daneden.me

18. When someone takes challenging the lecturer’s points a bit too far.


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19. Or actually asks questions at the end when everyone wants to leave.


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20. And when everyone on your row is dawdling at the end like you don’t have anywhere to be.


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I’m done.

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