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18 Times You Regretted Not Choosing To Go To University On Your Year Abroad

Choosing what to do during your year abroad is one of the hardest decisions you will make for your degree. To teach, work, or study…that is the question. The benefits of choosing either of the first two options are undeniable and plentiful, but sometimes – just sometimes – you can’t help but wish you had chosen to go to university instead.

1. When you immediately realised that you’d just willingly given yourself triple the amount of things to sort out before even leaving the country.

You want me to fill in how many forms?!


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2. When the gravity of the task you were taking on hit home and you felt as though you had no idea where to begin.


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3. When you asked your own university for advice and they simply referred you to whomever you were going to be working for.


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4. When you failed to comprehend how you were supposed to go about viewing places to live abroad when you were still…well, not abroad.


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5. When you wished that you could simply apply for a guaranteed place in student accommodation abroad.

You never expected to feel jealousy for people going through that process ever again.


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6. When other people on your course started posting group selfies from the airport because they were going to be at the same university.

good for you

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7. When you consoled yourself with the fact that you would be earning money during your year abroad, and then you started the horrendous process of trying to open a foreign bank account.

Proceedure? What proceedure?

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8. When everyone else was going to campus welcome events, but you were making appointments in banks and arranging house viewings.


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9. When you realised that maybe you actually wouldn’t have been ready for working life in the UK, never mind abroad.

You are still a student, after all!


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10. When you had to deal with culture shock as well as trying to adapt to a work:life balance.


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11. When your free time became consumed with planning things for work, making you miss your student life more than ever.


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12. When other people were going to ERASMUS society nights out, and you were just trying to stay awake long enough to get something to eat.

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13. When meeting people your own age was much more difficult.


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14. When the universities broke up for Christmas and everyone went home whilst you still had another four weeks of work before you could leave.


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15. When the prices for every kind of transport were extortionate because you couldn’t ever travel out of peak time.


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16. When everyone assumed that you must be so much better at your chosen language because you were working rather than studying.


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17. When preparing to leave was just as time-consuming, confusing and expensive as arriving.


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18. And when you got back to university for your final year and realised that you had now completely forgotten how to be a student.

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