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19 Signs You’ve Already Had Enough of University

We’re only a few weeks into the academic year. Most freshers are still finding their academic feet and lecture theatres aren’t fully cleansed of freshers flu yet. But, for some, the magic has already started to wear off.

1. You’ve already decided that 9am lectures are optional.


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2. You carefully planned your timetable so that you could have Fridays off…


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3. So that you can go home for a long weekend, every weekend.


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4. Arranging outfits for themed nights out is starting to feel like a chore.


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5. And you’re really regretting breaking open those glow sticks in the kitchen on Neon Night.

It looks good, but why is it literally everywhere?


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6. You’re convinced you spend more time in the laundrette than anywhere else.


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7. You’ve stopped ‘dressing up’ for lectures.


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8. And you’ve started judging the people who do.


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9. You now record your lectures “for revision purposes”.

“Revision purposes” aka “Not listening purposes”.


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10. You’ve made a pact to not go into the library until Wikipedia can’t offer a sufficient answer.


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11. You’re sorely regretting adding your parents on Facebook.


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12. Because you’re running out of ways to explain that it “just looks like I’m drunk.”


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13. You already know more about your flatmates than you’ve ever wanted to know about anyone.


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14. You just want to be able to sleep without being woken up at 4am by taxis full of drunken students.


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15. You’re finding it harder and harder to pretend you’re okay with your flatmates stealing your food.


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16. And the beer bottle mountain in the living room no longer seems like a good idea.


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17. You’ve already given up on attempting Skype dates.


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18. But you have taken up napping in the afternoons again.


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19. And you just want it to be Freshers’ Week again.

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