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20 Images That Are 100% You at Uni

If you were a student at university, this will have been you at one point or another:

1. When you had your priorities set.

2. When student life got you like:

3. When you felt like you were the only one who didn’t understand what was going on in the lecture.

4. When you met the love of your life at uni.

5. When your fashion game was inconsistent af.

6. When you didn’t prepare for the seminar and you were dreading being asked a question.

7. Or when you were just hungover and you had to bluff your way through.

via twitter.com

via twitter.com

8. When your uni friends started unexpectedly discussing something really intellectual and you questioned what you were doing there.

9. When you were looking forward to going back to uni after the holidays but you hadn’t done any of the work you were supposed to do. 

10. When you had to accept that perhaps you weren’t ready to be an adult after all.

11. When you worked out your percentages and couldn’t decide if it was worth still trying.

12. When people started discussing essays they’d finished that you didn’t even realise had been set.

13. When you didn’t try and you didn’t care.

14. When you were procrastinating so hard you were still thinking about sleep while you were actually asleep.

via weheartit.com

via weheartit.com

15. When, in spite of everything, you just couldn’t take uni seriously.

16. Not even when you only had a few hours left to a deadline but you still hadn’t started writing.

17. When you opened the exam and a voice told you to say goodbye to that dream of a first.

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via imgur.com

18. When you were given the impression that your essay was revolutionary but you got a really shit mark for it.

19. When your parents called you to ask how you were and you forgot to sugar coat everything.

via imgur.com

via imgur.com

20. And when you went to a careers meeting but it went somewhat like this: