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20 Images That Will Speak To You If You Never Do Any Reading In Reading Week

A week of doing anything but actually reading.

1. You were desperate for it to arrive.

2. And when it did the relief you felt was real.

3. You got off to a good start by reading your reading list.

4. And then decided you probably didn’t need to go any further than that for a while.

5. Because you had much more important things to do with all that free time.

6. And everyone deserves a rest after dealing with uni deadlines all term.

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7. You did try and do some reading.

Try being the key word.

8. And kept “trying” repeatedly.

9. Until you suddenly realised you should’ve tried a lot harder.

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10. Because the end of the week crept up on you out of nowhere.

11. And you began to understand just how much shit you were now in.

12. You told yourself it would all be fine.

There’s still time.

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13. And attempted to do a week’s worth of reading in one night.

Totally doable.

14. Which ~surprisingly~ did not work.

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15. It just made you instantly regret all of your past decisions to put it off.

16. And hate everyone who actually used their week productively.

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17. The emails from your seminar tutors started flooding in.

“We’ll be discussing all the reading you did this week…”

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18. But all you could really do at this point was admit defeat.

19. You reluctantly went back to uni more behind than you were when the week started.

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20. And ultimately needed another reading week to recover from the stress of doing nothing with the one you’ve just had.

And to actually do all the reading, of course. 😅😅

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