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20 Questions You Will Ask Yourself When You Visit Your Friends at Other Universities

Visiting your friends at other universities is a great way to get a change of scenery and let your friends from home know that they haven’t been fully replaced. However, it can also force you to reconsider how you feel about your own university experience when you start asking yourself:

1. “Why am I doing this? I have far too much work to do.”


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2. “But more importantly, why am I willingly giving up my guilt-free weekend lie-ins?”

sat sleep

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3. “Why is it so far away!?”


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4. “Are we still good enough friends for this to be worth it?”

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5. “This is actually a pretty nice place, why didn’t I look round here?”


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6. “But really, why don’t I study here?”


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7. “Why do they get a Subway on campus and we don’t?”

not fair

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8. “And why are their societies more interesting?”


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9. “Is it too late to transfer?”


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10. “Why are their friends so weird?”


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11. “And why is my friend talking like that?”


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12. “They do have an accent. Where has it gone?”


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13. “Do I sound like this?”


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14. “Why don’t they know how to play Ring of Fire?”


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15. “Or have I been doing it wrong this whole time?”

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16. “Why do people actually seem to like their courses here?”


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17. “Am I more fun here?”


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18. “How have I ever spent this long away from my friend?”


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19. “How will I ever do so again?”


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20. “Do I really have to leave?”

never let go

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