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20 Times University Taught You To Be Lazy

University teaches you a lot of really useful things. But mostly it teaches you how to be lazy.

1. When you prioritised sleep over everything.

2. And no matter how much you got, you always needed more.

3. When you took any opportunity not to do any work.

4. And stopped even trying to pretend that you were making an effort.

5. When you considered joining some societies but decided you didn’t want to have to socialise.

6. When you never wrote any notes in lectures because you were happy to rely on everything being on Blackboard.

7. And if you didn’t know the answer to something, you just wrote it off as something you’ll never know.

via perezhilton.com

via perezhilton.com

8. When the messier the kitchen got, the less motivation you had to clean it.

9. Because even if there was no cutlery left, you would find a way round it.

10. When you used up the last of something but putting it in the bin seemed like too much trouble.

11. After all, it’s not like you ever emptied any of the bins anyway.

12. When you spent 2 hours trying to write an introduction for your essay and this was all you came up with:

via twitter.com

via twitter.com

13. Or you took books out of the library but only actually read the parts that were already underlined.

14. When you texted your housemates from the house. While you were all in the house.



15. Or just carried on using broken furniture because you couldn’t be bothered chasing your landlord.

via imgur.com

via imgur.com

16. When you couldn’t even commit to being properly stressed.

17. And you just sort of started to wait for failure.

18. When ignorance is bliss became your life motto.

19. And this was literally you all the time.

20. Because no matter how much you needed to do, it was always easier to just pretend you had nothing to worry about.

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via giphy.com