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21 Images That Will Speak To You If You’re Really Bad at Revising For Exams

If you’re one of those students who struggles to revise, these images will really speak to you.

1. You always put off starting because you never know where to begin.

2. And no matter how good your intentions are, you don’t get very far before you want to stop.

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

3. Or you just end up on social media instead.

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via giphy.com

4. You can sit for hours and take nothing in.

5. And spend waste time planning how to revise rather than just get on with revising.

via hexjam.com

via hexjam.com

6. But it doesn’t help. 

7. At all.

8. When people ask how your revision is going you can’t even lie.

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via giphy.com

9. The more effort you put into forcing yourself to revise, the less motivation you have.

10. And your lack of progress is literally exhausting.

via india-forums.com

via india-forums.com

11. Not to mention emotionally draining.

12. The more pressure you’re under, the less you understand.

13. And even though you feel you’re doing everything absolutely right, it’s all going horribly wrong.

14. Looking through past exam papers is no help.

15. And you might as well not have bothered writing notes in lectures because you don’t understand any of them.

16. You find it completely unacceptable that other people seem to manage it so easily.

17. And start to wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

18. Especially when you think you’ve finally understood something but when you go back to it later it’s all gone again.

19. Which genuinely makes you more stressed than if you had just never bothered revising in the first place.

20. You reach a stage where you don’t even want to try any more.

21. Because you just need it to all be over already.