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24 Images That Will Make You Say “Me This Summer”

The uni summer holidays never quite go to plan. Because the plan involved effort. And moving. 😅

1. When you made literally any excuse to get out of making plans.

via twitter.com

via twitter.com

2. Or when you actually did make them but the regret you felt was real.

3. When you hated your uni friends for living so far away from you.

4. Or when you bumped into people from home and had to get away asap.

5. When you slept so much you had no concept of time.

6. Or when your extended family came round unexpectedly.

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via twitter.com

7. Whenever someone asked what you’d been up to.

8. Or how summer had been going in general.

9. When your parents questioned whether you should’ve already started your reading list for next year. 


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10. Or implied that you should maybe start paying towards the rent these days.

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11. When you got caught out in your lie about being too busy to meet up with someone.

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12. When you couldn’t go on Facebook without seeing someone’s #wanderlust photos.


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13. When you wanted to earn money but also didn’t want to work for it.

14. When you tried to exercise but it just wasn’t happening.

15. And nor was leaving the house, or seeing sunlight, most of the time. 

16. When you lost all self-control over food.

17. But achieved A+ skills in your dedication to avoiding life.

18. Whenever the conversation turned to ~the future~.

19. Or you promised to save what was left of your student loan but end of summer sales happened.

20. When your family got back from a holiday but you had stayed at home.

21. When it suddenly dawned on you that summer was almost over.

22. And you wished you’d started on that shitload of uni work sooner.

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via twitter.com

23. When you thought about what you’d achieved over the last three months.

24. And how the hell you’re going to cope when you’re back at uni.